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Featuring "A Filipino Kitchen" by Adam Tabura

A Filipino Kitchen reflects Chef Adam Tabura’s favorite childhood meals, cooked by his grandfather or shared by neighbors and friends. It is also influenced by his travels to the Philippines, which taught him much about the roots of the foods he grew up with.

Filipino cooking is rising in popularity across the U.S., where both the size and number of Filipino communities is increasing dramatically. Filipino food can be enjoyed everywhere—food trucks, fast-food establishments, malls, supermarkets and family restaurants.

These 100-plus recipes encompass all aspects of Filipino cooking in Hawai‘i today. Many of Adam’s island-style recipes, influenced by Hawai‘i’s plantation heritage, show new twists on traditional dishes. Plantation-style dishes are given a Filipino touch and Filipino dishes are given a tropical flavor. And many Hawai’i chefs share their contemporary recipes as well as versions of traditional dishes.

Chef Adam’s easy-to-follow recipes show the diverse richness of colors, tastes and flavors that define Filipino cooking. They will appeal to those who already cook Filipino food, and serve as a great introduction to the cuisine for non-Filipinos who are curious or want to learn more.
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