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2014 - Our Fortieth Anniversary

This year marks 40 years of publishing books – 38 years as Mutual Publishing and two years under a different name when we started.

During those forty years we have published over 600 books in all genres that have sold over 8.5 million copies. We now have over 450 active titles including those published under the BeachHouse imprint.



Ka Baibala Hemolele - The Hawaiian Bible

After ten-plus years, significant funding support from many foundations and individuals, and the work of dozens of scholars, teachers, and volunteers, Ka Baibala Hemolele is available in the new orthography, which uses diacritics. It is the first time that the Hawaiian language bible has been formatted and printed with diacritical marking. Baibala Hemolele – the Hawaiian Bible Project, a project of Partners in Development Foundation, initially began to electronically preserve the 1839, 1868, and 1994 printings of the Hawaiian Bible, but grew into a complete editing of the Bible to embrace the new orthography..

The original translation, completed in 1839, played a significant role in the development of the Hawaiian language as a written language, and it continues to be a major linguistic, cultural, and spiritual resource for the Hawaiian community and Hawaiian language students throughout the world.

Trim size: 6 x 9 inches; Page count: 1456 pp

Includes: presentation page, 6 maps, original study questions about the maps, genealogy pages, and an introduction by Baibala Hemolele Project Director Helen Kaupu Kaowili, ribbon marker

Courtney's Wedding

Courtney & Aaron Tomasu with Mutual Publishing staff and friends at their wedding.


Scripta, an imprint of Mutual Publishing, offers book production services to authors—both Hawai‘i and non-Hawai‘i based—who want to self-publish either because their book is meant for private circulation, or because they want to avoid the manuscript submission process with its long delays. Mutual has always believed that everyone has a book inside them. Here in Hawai‘i, the cultural history and art of talk story continues to be...


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We are asked so often about the digitization of book publishing that we have decided to include a digital watch to give you Mutual’s take on the latest developments.